Parts manufactured on this order are from US Castings and do not require material test reports. The US Castings material number (seller received in P.O. contents) shall be identified on Certification of Compliance returned to U.S. Castings, LLC.

Any non-conformance from the requirements of the drawing, specification, delivery or Purchase Order requirements must be reported with cause and corrective action in writing. US Castings shall be alerted to non-conformances and departures to the stated requirements in writing. Disposition must be issued by US Castings approving nonconformance or departure prior to return. All non-conformances and departures shall be documented within shipping documents and the product segregated and identified as nonconforming.

Alteration of material or process prohibited unless specifically noted in the Purchase Order.

Supplier is authorized to work to the drawings, ADCNs, sketches and specifications sufficient to inspect and/or test material listed on the Purchase Order. If any ADCNs or drawing revision changes the configuration or process of part and are not called out or drawing revision changes the configuration or process of part and are not called out on the purchase order, Seller shall notify US Castings immediately for written authorization.

Seller is responsible to conduct 100% First Article Inspection. The supplier must list all drawing dimensions, tolerances and processes by specification number provided by drawing and/or Parts List. First Article verification to un-dimensioned drawing will require overlay of the part to a PCM. Center of lines defining parts as drawn on the PCM is considered nominal. Part acceptance to PCM can be recorded as part profile, leg profile, cap profile, etc. All inspection conducted to a Boeing print must be documented per the requirements of AS 9102.

Seller shall implement statistical process control per AIAG SPC Manual Second Edition. Characteristics identified on this part do not require data to be gathered on this operation.

Seller shall implement statistical process control in accordance with the intent of AIAG SPC Manual Second Edition Characteristics will be identified on purchase order. The characteristics will require the following actions:

  1. Documented measurement of key characteristics.
  2. Evidence of variation (X Bar and R Chart, histogram)
  3. Evidence of corrective action taken if a key characteristic is either not in control or not capable.

A preliminary process capability study is required. Supplier is responsible for producing a minimum of 30 pieces inspecting, recording, analyzing and submitting a report.

Seller must mark parts with Part Number, Date and Final Inspection stamp per requirement listed in P.O.

Seller will utilize Boeing document D1-4426 whenever the manufacturing and inspection processes listed in D1-4426 are used in performance of this Purchase Order or other applicable documents. All applicable documents include PSDs and latest revision level on all drawings and parts lists.

Seller will utilize Eaton approved special processors whenever the purchase order identifies castings as Eaton product. Seller shall contact USAC before beginning work if they do not have access to the Eaton Approved Processors List.

A Certification of Compliance is to accompany each shipment. The Certificate shall include:

By accepting this order, seller certifies that it will maintain a quality and delivery system adequate to provide the supplies and services that meet the requirements of this Purchase Order, applicable specifications and/or engineering drawing. Supplier shall notify US Castings in changes in product and/or process definition and, where required, obtain US Castings approval.

By accepting this order, sell certifies that it will comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations in performance of work for US Castings.

Supplier shall maintain records of product, processes and services supplied for a minimum of remainder of calendar year plus 10 years or longer if designated on the purchase order. Once this retention period has been reached, the Supplier is responsible to contact US Castings for record disposition instructions.

Product, drawings and supporting documentation may contain technical data whose export is restricted by the Arms Export Control Act (Title 22, U.S.C. Sec 2751, et seq.) or the Export Administration Act of 1979, as amended (Title 50, U.S.C., app. 2401 et seq.) Violators of these export laws are subject to severe criminal penalties. This information in document form ( or any other medium), including any attachments and exhibits hereto, may not be exported, released or disclosed to foreign persons whether Recipient shall include this notice with any reproduced portion of product or provided documentation.

US Castings requires that supplier is to have work performed on their purchase order by competent personnel with the qualifications required of the drawings and specifications provided.

Supplier is responsible to ensure that all personnel affecting products and services provided on this purchase order are aware of:

US Castings requires that external providers apply appropriate controls to their direct and sub-tier external providers to ensure that requirements are met.

All applicable requirements, including all applicable statutory, customer and regulatory requirements, of this purchase order are to be flowed down the supply chain to point of manufacture.

To maintain Approved status with US Castings, supplier must maintain an on-time delivery percentage greater than 97% with a quality PPM of 3000 or less.

Seller shall, prior to beginning work, contact US Castings Quality Assurance to review the requirements, if necessary. The review is intended to develop communication between US Castings Quality Assurance and the Seller.

All items of this Purchase Order are to be 100% Final Inspected or inspected per an approved sampling plan.

Seller shall have a process to assure that governmental and safety constraints on restricted, toxic and hazardous substances are complied with relative to purchased products and the manufacturing process.

Materials used must be identified by lot/heat number, material type, specification, and revision and be traceable to records of acceptance.

Buyer and authorized representatives, customer and authorized representatives or regulatory agencies, reserve the right of access to supplier premises at any point of manufacturing to determine quality of work, records and material. This may be done at all reasonable times and may be used to conduct preliminary inspections and tests of the products and work in process. Such investigation by buyer, its customers or regulatory agencies will be performed with the knowledge of and jointly with the supplier.

This right of access shall be flowed down to all levels of the supply chain, including external providers utilized by the supplier to perform work against this purchase order.

Receiving Inspection by US Castings is required.

Equipment shall be labeled with:

Calibrations shall be conducted per ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994. Certificates and reports of calibration shall comply with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 sec. 13. Certifications and reports shall also list item calibration due date.

Temperature uniformity surveys, system accuracy tests and pyrometry checks shall conform to the applicable requirements of the latest issues of AMS 2750 and BAC 5621. Reports of testing shall reference the specification the testing conforms to.

Solution heat treat furnaces shall be surveyed at 1000°F +-10°F and precipitation age ovens shall be surveyed at both 310°F +-10°F and 440°F +-10°F.

All items of this Purchase Order are to be inspected by US Castings Quality Dimensional Inspection using Form RI-10 per the requirements of QAP 190.

Any product found to be non-conforming during the performance of work to the requirements of the purchase order shall be positively identified, segregated and controlled to prevent its unintended use or delivery per the requirements of ISO 9001 and AS 9100. The US Castings Purchasing Agent listed on the P.O. is to be contacted to arrange for the product return separate from the accepted work processed.

All calibration and pyrometric service certifications rendered on this purchase order must reference the revision level of the supplier procedure used to perform calibrations as well as any revision levels of industry or regulatory procedures and specifications as applicable.

Suppliers performing work under this order shall implement and control process to ensure the prevention of counterfeit or suspected counterfeit part use including product(s) delivered to US Castings.

Supplier, if eligible for utilization of the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP), shall utilize the GIDEP process to screen their material and products for risks, taking appropriate mitigating actions when necessary, and alert the industry of encountered counterfeit parts.

MI Note 25
External provider to provide test specimens per drawing specification for inspection/verification, investigation or auditing.

MI Note 26
Worked performed on this purchase order is being purchased to the conditions of US Castings’ contract with The Boeing Company. Boeing PO Note Q31 is a requirement of this contract and applies to work performed on this purchase order. US Castings’ supplier requirements of Note Q31 are:

“This procurement is under Boeing’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued Production Certificate 700 quality system supplier control program. Unless explicit contractual direction is given to the contrary, no articles (or constituent parts thereof) ordered by Boeing Commercial Airplanes shall contain any Federal Aviation Administration- Parts Manufacturer Approval (FAA-PMA) markings and the accompanying paperwork (e.g., packages, shippers, etc.) shall not contain any FAA-PMA markings.

Boeing requires that the provisions/requirements set forth above, as determined by the Seller to be applicable, be included in Seller’s direct supply contracts as well as the obligation that they be flowed to the sub-tier supply chain. For purposes of this note, Supply Chain shall mean Seller’s complete network of material, equipment, information, and services integrated into products and services. It focuses on direct and all lower-tier suppliers.”

MI Note 27
Seller shall perform First Article Inspections (FAIs) in accordance with AS/EN/SJAC 9102 and unless otherwise specifically authorized in writing by Boeing, seller shall document within the Boeing licensed Net-Inspect software.

Boeing requires that the FAI provisions and requirements set forth related to the compliance with AS/EN/SJAC 9102 be included in Sellers direct supply contracts as well as the obligation that they be flowed to the sub-tier supply chain. For purposes of this note, Supply Chain shall mean Seller’s direct network of suppliers providing material, equipment, information, and services integrated into products and services.  Furthermore where Seller is required to document FAIs in the Net-Inspect software, FAIs of the Seller’s supply chain shall also be documented in Net-Inspect.